Jan 24, 2011

LOUDER - Idiot Mind b/w No Way

LOUDER - Idiot Mind b/w No Way

Release: 2008
Label: Private 

Details: 500 pressed, Black vinyl with insert

Price: 800 yen
Airmail shipping: 500 yen (100 yen for each additional copy)
Order, Paypal: popnrollrecords at gmail dot com

LOUDER from Osaka are one of our favorite punk band.
The private press 1st 45 out in 2008.
Their sound makes us crazy same as real punk bands like KBD staff. 

The cheap cotton baggy sleeve with spray logo is made by themselves one by one.

They can't make them a lot on one time because of spray's strong smell. I like this DIY thing. Totally awesome.
It's produced by Onacky from FRANTIC STUFFS. Onacky and Toma from LOUDER also play as the super powerpop band "YAGGIES".

Toma [Photo: Mikki Lady*]

Cover songs here. They have great taste.
REPLACEMENTS / Takin' a Ride
DEAD BOYS / What Love is
MUSIC MACHINE / Double Yellow Line
LITTER / Action Woman
CONTROLLERS / Neutron Bomb
JOHNNY MOPED / Incendiary Device
SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS / Victims of the Vampire
CHOSEN FEW / Disco Tek Wreck

This release is not from our label PoP"n"RoLL Records but fortunately we've got minty unplayed 30 copies from the members.
We gotta go ape with LOUDER! IDIOT MIND!!

Oct 7, 2010


Black vinyl: 500 pressed
Pink sleeve: 200 copies made 
Blue sleeve: 200 copies made 
Anniversary sleeve: 100 copies made 

Price: 700 yen
Airmail shipping: 500 yen (100 yen for each additional copy)
Order, Paypal: popnrollrecords at gmail dot com

About the Choosers, pure powerpop jewel from Sapporo in Hokkaido, Japan. They totally fit to the the powerpop rules, great strong melody, catchy chorus, beautiful clear voice, lovely tearjerker lyrics, killer rickenbacker, skinny tie and sneakers...They love powerpop anyway!

Their sound take us back to the golden powerpop tymes in 1975-83. They remind us the legendary american powerpop bands, 20/20, Action, Ambulance, Artists!, Bats, Blue Shoes, Boulevard, Boys, Buddy Love, Candy, Gary Charlson, Central Departure, Explosives, Flamin' Groovies, Flashcubes, Fools Face, Go, Headaches, Heartbeats, Heats, Jacks, Kids, Knack, Don Kriss, Late Show, Locals, Brad Long, Marbles, Milk'n'Cookies, Modulators, Bruce Moody, Nerves, Nines, Pezband, Poppees, Prettyboys, Prix, Push, Quick, Radio City, Raspberries, Clovis Roblaine, Rockers, Romantics, Rubinoos, Secrets*, Phil Seymour, Shoes, Speedies, Treble Boys, Trend, Vertebrats, Wail, Wigs, Wize, Yorks, Zeros, Zippers...and more and more!

The Choosers first 45 "Christine b/w I Can't Stop" release party in Tokyo with Blockbusters(More Fun, Treeyberrys, Rockbottom), Clandestine(Playmates), Firestarter, Gimmies, Knock(Knocks), Raydios, Supersnazz, Weekpoints, Yaggies was totally amazing! 200 people were there. Let's pogo dancing. The 45s were sold 150 copies at that nite...Big deal!

And this is first release from our new label PoP"n"RoLL records, We are going to release some great bands but we are sure it will be one of our best 45!!!!!!